Hands Up If You Would Like To Volunteer For First Aid And Some Mouth To Mouth

The smart ones may get a kick out of this exercise. Well, that is what they think they will be getting when they volunteer to go in for first aid and cpr training. They think kissing all the girls is great fun and here they will be getting an opportunity to do just that. Kiss all of the girls on the school playground. All of the girls? Yes, that is quite right, boys, all of the girls. And some of the boys too. Really? Absolutely, because this is the training you need to practice proper mouth to mouth on someone who has just passed out after a dramatic incident.

first aid and cpr training

The incident could be the scene of an accident. Yes, it could happen in the school play ground too. What a hero you would be if everyone knew you had just rescued someone’s life. Maybe not your best pal, it could even be your worst enemy. But that is not what first aid and cpr training is really about. It is not some kind of an ego booster. It is a serious event. Take it very seriously. By the time you have completed all of your necessary training, not only will you be saving lives, you could be saving souls too, yours as well.

Doing good deeds will get you to go to good places that only you believe in. There could be a dramatic incident down at the mall, just at the point where you and your pals are ready to make your first order of burgers and fries and shakes for the day. An old man has just suffered a heart attack. He passed out and you need to revive him.