New Certified Orthodontics Procedure That Encourages Faster Treatment And Healing

For the layman or patient this must be something of a revolution. Here is a new technological process brought to patients by Jacksonville Orthodontics clinicians. It encourages faster treatment and healing. These orthodontists are certified with the movement known as the Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO). And they practice something known as wilckodontics, or if you prefer the longer definition, exposure accelerated osteogenic orthodontics.

The accelerated procedure undertaken by the periodontist begins with checking that there is enough tissue around the patient’s teeth before treatment and the enactment of soft tissue grafting procedures. The surgical procedure in this new process takes three to four times quicker to complete than conventional treatments. It involves using an inflammation created during surgery. This is necessary in order to boost the healing response.

Jacksonville Orthodontics

After the bone is softened for tooth movement, bone grafting is used to help the bone heal quicker. It also allows for movement in a shorter space of time. Gum recession treatment is also quicker. The process of esthetic crown lengthening is safely applied. This also ensures the correct amount of teeth for structure. The treatment responds to teeth that previously failed to erupt naturally. After esthetic crown lengthening is completed it produces a straightened smile to replace the so-called gummy smile.

Or goofy grin, if you like. Do not mind how quickly these procedures take. Quality of work is still assured. And in any case, no technician or specialist other than a qualified and board certified practitioner will be allowed to carry out the work. So, if you need to enhance your looks or attend to existing teething problems, look no further than specialized and advanced orthodontic practices that go a long way towards promoting optimum oral health.