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Here is to your good health. You notice how the verb ‘drinking’ has deliberately been omitted. This is in somber remembrance to all those who lost their health and the best years of their lives through excessive drinking and smoking. These poor folks were so far down the tracks that they could never get back onto the proverbial wagon again, even if just in time to save their lives. Just as much as was the case in the most, more men and women today are prone to excess. The highly stressful work life is often held up as a common denominator.

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Many men and women reach a point in their lives that they feel just so hopeless, not being able to cope with the demands of today’s twenty first century life, and simply cave in to the mores that turn out to be extremely harmful to their bodies and minds if taken in excess. Of this there can be no doubt. Everyone on this here planet earth wants to be healthy. If the thought of taking a serious health and wellness approach never occurred to them in those exact words, they were already thinking about it in their subconscious.

If they were not health and wellness oriented before, they all had this one thing in common. Every single man and woman on this planet wanted to be happy. But the things they did to realize this happiness. Talk about taking a wrong turn. Now, no matter how far down the road you have come, try and do this little exercise. Just chin up, as they say. Soon all will be well. Be positive about every physical challenge you will be required to make as you transform your life from being morbid to one of pure bliss.